Online Resources

If you need someone to talk to immediately, check out the Suicide Prevention Online Chat for a non-judgmental place to receive understanding. There is coverage worldwide.

Visit or dial 211 to find crisis resources available in your area.

Call NAMI Hotline at 1-800-950-NAMI (6264) or email them at

Online support groups provide a sense of validation and support–and can also be a great long-term resource. Because they consist of others on their paths to healing, be sure to moderate your involvement. If you’re highly empathic and feel the weight of others’ pain deeply, check in as little or as much as needed. Search Facebook for groups focused to your most pressing issue. Is it adoption issues, difficult or toxic families, substance abuse, or sexual assault? If privacy is a concern, look for a closed group–where others can see you’re in the group but not what’s in it unless they’re a part of it, too.

If you don’t have someone to talk to, aren’t in any online support groups, and don’t require immediate help, try sending an anonymous email to The Samaritans.