In the Meantime

Please use the resources on this site for actionable ways to seek help if you sense you’re heading towards a bad place. If you’re not in danger but are feeling down and could use some ideas to get through the moment, here are a few suggestions:


If there’s someone you know you can depend on, call or chat with them online. Do reach out but be mindful of their own lives and personal situations. If someone is going through their own difficult time, they may not be in a position to give support. Seek someone who’s stable and can offer you the kind of support you deserve.

If you can, allow yourself to have a good cry. Make time for yourself and let it all out.

Watch that stupid funny movie that isn’t very good but always makes you laugh.

Channel your feelings through creativity. Like to paint, sketch, photograph, make music, or craft? It’s amazing how quickly you’ll get lost in the zone of creation. It can be a wonderfully satisfying distraction.

Get lost in a good story or find validation in a book. Reading stories about others who’ve overcome trauma can be inspiring. It doesn’t have to be heavy. Anything that transforms you from your own pain into another world can do the trick.

While it may be okay to partake in something mild to take the edge off, be careful not to overdo it or you’ll end up feeling worse in the morning. If you notice a pattern developing, consider taking a break or joining a program.

Send an anonymous email to The Samaritans or use the Suicide Prevention Online Live Chat. It can feel good to vent your pent up emotions, knowing someone caring is out there and will respond.

Get moving. You might not want to at the moment but you’ll probably thank yourself for it later. Go for a walk outside, breathe in the fresh air, and allow nature to help heal your tired soul. Do yoga. Take a scenic bike ride. Go for a run or skate. Hit the gym. Getting the body moving has been proven to shift your mindset, relieve some tension, and lift your spirits.

Try writing out your feelings. Journal, free-form write, craft a poem or lyrics, or write a letter you don’t intend to send.

Listen to music but be careful not to overload your senses with sad songs that end up making you feel worse.

Visit animals or cuddle with your own. Gazing into an animal’s eyes and witnessing such simplicity and goodness can work wonders.

Make or treat yourself to your favorite meal. Pleasure through the senses can remind you it’s good to be alive.

Pamper yourself. Have a friend over for a spa day, put on music or a movie, try new masks, or other self-care treats.